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To revolutionize or transform a society, one must engulf the psyches of the people with the idea or value to be assimilated.  Psychological immersion into a value system can be effectively obtained through the visual arts, as well as, through music.  Thus, film and music makers have the capability of altering the course of a society, and hence it’s culture.  The Urban Revolution’s raisons d’être and conception is infused with the premise that one has an obligation to facilitate the positive and honest portrayal of people of color, thereby assisting in the revolution. ~ Lisa Hussein


BEYOND THE BLING – Rappers, hipsters, and folks in the community seem to be blindly striving towards “bling bling baby”.  The Urban Revolution postulates that our community must move beyond this notion that our main goal is to be the most successful consumer.  We must move beyond the bling and begin advancing the revolution of true equality.

The Urban Revolution’s cadres of writers will take a critical view of how people of color are treated in the media, and in society as a whole.

Lisa Hussein – is an early Gen X’r with strong convictions and passion.  She writes mainly about politics, religion, and the media.








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