Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Sexist Racist Out There


Racist Obama cartoonI cried today – twice.  My son sent me his final draft of his mid-term paper.  He’s a sophomore in college and an aspiring writer.  His writing has improved so much since he started college (as it should).  The catch is, he goes to an HBCU.  I state that because there is a perception that the education at an HBCU is sub par.  A false perception born out of 400 years of protracted, abject, racism. So when I read his essay, I teared up.  The level of growth in 1.5 years far surpasses the growth of all 4 years of high school.

His essay topic was:  Are We a Post Racial Society?  (the fruit doesn’t far from the tree). He evaluated the treatment of our POTUS before and after the election.  He evaluated how African Americans and people of color in general are treated in the media, education system and legal system.  And he concluded with a quote from author and anti-activist Tim Wise:  ” To me, ‘post-racial’ is little more than a nonsense term devised by people (mostly white, frankly), who would simply rather not deal with the ever-present reality of racism and ongoing racial discrimination.” As I read and re-read my son’s essay – I cried.  My son is going to be a great asset to this society.  He is brilliant and moral and compassionate.  He will do great things.  But he will have to work extra hard to get there because we are NOT in a post racial society.

Which leads me to the second time that I cried today.  I went onto the Daily Kos and read a diary by Denise Oliver Velez about the above cartoon.  Her diary linked to Angry Black Lady’s blog post on the same topic.  This political satire was run in the News Tribune of Rome, GA.


It has been proven that there is a physical price to pay for people of color when they are exposed to racism.  While we live in a time in which too many whites have conveniently declared is post-racial; we know the truth.  This piece of $hit, masquerading as political satire is evidence of that.  What’s more, it was published in one of this town’s major newspapers.  Studies have also found that there were higher hostility levels in people of color who tried too hard to embrace the dominant culture.  (think Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, Clarence Thomas)  I don’t embrace this.  I reject this with every fiber of my being.  Moreover, I think we have a duty to write the News Tribune of Rome, GA and tell them that this type of satire is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Here is there contact information.  Let’s blow out their inbox: