CNN’s Black in America

by Lisa Hussein

The show was a huge dissapointment , though I should not have expected much more.  What was even more of a disappointment was to hear some of my progressive associates stating that it was a waste of 4 hours because there are more important things to talk about.  We have visited and revisited the holocaust and no one EVER has the audacity (no one in the mainstream) to say we’ve hear enough.  But somehow, the plight of American apartheid and its effects on African American and the society as a whole are some disconnected set of events that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the demise of this nation.

The problem I have with that is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  The show and subject matter are NOT trite because there are bigger problems going on – this is a symptom of much larger problems.  The show was trite because it was trite!  Because CNN was afraid to say WHY we are dealing with this more than 100 years after slavery and 40 years after American apartheid “officially” ended.   The truth of the matter is American apartheid HAS NOT ENDED.  It’s just changed clothes.  That’s what we were looking at.  For instances, according to the FBI – white men commit 35% more sexual crimes, 47% more assaults, 45% more property crimes and 64% more violent crimes than African Americans.  Yet blacks make up the majority of the men in prison.  Additionally, according to a study done by the Justice Policy institute white teens, use, abuse and sell more drugs than African American teens; yet the majority of convictions are teens of color.  American Apartheid is alive and well – and the “WHYS” and what are we going to do about it should have been addressed.

If this country would not tolerate this travesty in the justice system then maybe GITMO wouldn’t have happened nor the FEMA disaster.  One evil begets another.  Just as the author of Freakanomics or the Tipping Point (can’t remember which one, i read a lot) noted that not tolerating graffiti in the subway stations eventually led to a decrease in subway crimes – so is the case with the situation in African America.  i.e. not tolerating one ill will lead to intolerance of other ills

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