Letter to Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus

by Lisa Hussein

You promised.YOU PROMISED!You promised that if we lived right, if we got a good education, if we worked hard that we could have the American Dream, you promised.Well, I did all of those things and you didn’t support me.You lied.You lied to me and to every child like me.

When my son was young I used to tell him fairytales – I’m sure you told them to your children too.They went something like this:“Young Jamal or “little Aisha” you can be anything in the world that you want to be, you could be the President of the United States if you wanted.All that you have to do is…”But did we really mean it?Of course not, we knew in our heart of hearts, that a black person could NEVER be President of these United States.I mean let’s get real, we knew in our heart of hearts that we could not even depend on our own community to support us much less others.No, our community couldn’t support us because they were too busy seeking approval from the power structure.They couldn’t support us because a step up for me, means a step down for them…or so they believed.

I grew up learning Each one Teach one.I grew up with the knowledge that I, as a part of the talented tenth, had an OBLIGATION to support my community first.That is first God, then my community, then others.

I’m sorry that you didn’t learn that or that you’ve forgotten.I’m truly sorry that you obviously have no clue as to what you have just done.You have stolen the hope or sold the hope of our youth.Because you see, the fairytale that I told my son was starting to become a reality.I saw a change in the way my son conducted himself.I’ve seen an improvement in his grades.His friends have told me they are now compelled to do better at school, to “stop skipping third period” … “Shoot, if Obama can be President so can I”, this is the mantra I’m hearing from my son’s classmates.You have sold the hopes of our community.

Don’t believe me?When white woman got the right to vote earlier last century, what did we get?!?NOTHING, that’s what we got.When Martin Luther King Jr. and many unsung heroes gave their lives so that Johnson would feel compelled to pass the Civil Rights Act who benefited?!?EVERYONE, that’s who.EVERYONE!Everyone benefited from our leaders giving up their lives so that OUR COMMUNITY could have hope.So, as it was 90 years ago when white women got the right to vote, so it will be if Hillary Clinton becomes President.My life will not get any better, as it didn’t get any better under any of the Bushes or Bill.I will still have my home, my son will still attend college and life in my household will move forward. However, my brothers and sisters will still be under 3 strikes and your out, while their white counterparts get a slap on the wrist.Economics will ebb and flow depending upon innovations not the President.Look at statistics; look at the GDP over the last 70 years.There’s no relationship between what party is in office and the inflation rate or GDP.

I feel so betrayed and abandoned!I will urge everyone around me to vote Republican if the nomination goes to Billary.It won’t make a difference any way, but our voice will be heard!Either together we stand or divided we fall – and fall we shall if we continue on this path.


Rabble Rouser
And instigator of TheUrbanRevolution.com

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