Obama 2012 – The Racism of the 2010 Tea Party Movement is Unacceptable

2012 is too important to stand idly by and allow those who operate from a place of fear to take “back” our country.  The term conservative is defined as:  disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc.,or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.  I don’t see how any person of color could want to “restore” traditional institutions.  I don’t want to GO BACK to anything.  I want to leave a better America for my children and grandchildren.  That means that we cannot be polite about racism.  We have to call it what it is and if someone gets uncomfortable it is probably because you’ve tapped into something that they need to deal with in their own souls.  Let’s look at what 2010 got us when we thought that President Obama should be able to work miracles with little or no help from us.

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