Racism in the Romney Camp

by Lisa Hussein

Today, October 4th, 2012, the co-chairman of the Willard Mitt Romney campaign said that the president of the United States is not only incompetent, but also “lazy”.  That co-chair is former governor John Sanunu

The level of disrespect of this president has reached new highs.  I expect Fox News to sound the dog whistle, but when prominent members of the Republican party engage in racist dog whistles, then we should understand there we are looking at one of two things.  Either we are looking at the end of the Republican party or we are looking at the end of the United States.

The leadership of the Republican party is evil and stupid.  First let’s talk about stupid.  In 2012 we understand that within 30 years the majority of the people in America will be like the majority of the people on this planet – that is the majority will be people of color.  If the Republican party wants to keep alienating people of color through their own racists fears then they will find themselves extinct or living in a 3rd world country.  Most of these people are well-traveled.  They’ve been to places like South Africa where the white people live in fear of retribution by the majority, whom they have abused for the last few centuries.  Whites in SA live behind barbed wire fences and race out of their driveways for fear of being carjacked.  Is that the America that the GOP wants?  Because if they continue to be the racist, shortsighted evil lying bullies that they are today that is the America they will get tomorrow.

Why do I say they are evil?  Simply because they have continuously taken they Ayn Rand approach to life and put their own greed and ambitions ahead of the lives of American citizens.  Nixon (or his people) contacted the Vietnamese and asked them to hold off negotiating peace with LB Johnson – that he would give them a better deal when elected.  Reagan did the same thing with the hostages in Iran.  GW Bush did the same thing with Iraq.  All of them were happy to put American lives on the line for their own ambitions.


So what would a president Romney do?  Well look at his legacy.  Look at the flip flops and look at the kind of people he allows to represent him.  Is this really the America that we want?  Will this man and his racist flunkys help move us toward a More Perfect Union?  I think not.  Shame on Mr. Romney, shame on Fox News and Sanunu and shame on America if they elect this soulless man.

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