The Lorax, Fox News, Lou Dobbs and President Obama

by Lisa Hussein

Obama and the Lorax conspiracy


Folks you cannot make this stuff up.  Lou Dobbs postulates that The Lorax movie, based on the best selling book by author Dr. Seuss, is a left-wing conspiracy between President Barack Obama and his Hollywood friends.  That’s right, a book originally published 41 years ago in 1971, when President Obama was 9 years-old, is a conspiracy by our president to forward his “radical environmentalism”-esque agenda.  Wow – does the right-wing really believe half the crap they say, or are they just running their mouthes because they like the sound of their voices?

SIDENOTE:  Dr. Seuss, born Theodor Seuss Geisel, was not only a political satirist he was also an outspoken progressive.

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